FAQs – Foam Concentrate Tank

Foam Concentrate Tank

FAQs, Foam Concentrate Tank

The tube, which are connected the suction elements why not get to the bottom of the tank?

The suction tube is just biased and not in contact with the bottom, but reaches about 50 mm from it, this is to prevent suction positos, gels, etc. oxide plates, which eventually are deposited in the tank bottom.
The ability of the same, when constructed, is already taken into account this “loss” of volume.

What is better to have full or in any position the?

The foam is slightly evaporable, if the tank is not full at all, said vapors just rusting tank wall, said oxidation is slow, because inside the tank is painted in epoxy, therefore and for greater longevity of the foam, in order to reduce as much as possible to the surface in contact with the atmosphere, an atmospheric tank containing foam is much better that it is always fully booked.

Why is there a diver for the tank filler tube?

To prevent foam formation when filling , since otherwise , if the foam is poured freely by dropping a single orifice from a height a large amount of foam which would prevent filling in a single operation would occur on deposit . With the dip tube is achieved by filling the foam from the bottom , so that this problem does not occur.

Do these proportioning may work in a different position to the horizontal?

The proportioning venturimétricos have to work horizontally, which is its normal position, not vertical or inclined.
In the case of the proportioning mod. SE-Z-ES and SE, the suction will be at the top while in the case where the mod. SE-PRO, the vacuum remains at the bottom.

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