Mobile foam equipment mod. SE-GM

Buggy, 100 litres capacity deposit made in polyester resin.
Proportioner SE-Z-2, SE-LBK-2 foam branchpipe, 15mm ARMTEX hose and accessories. Designed for first intervention equipments.

Buggy in steel tube, hot painted.
100 liters Capacity deposit, with level display, made in reinforced glass fiber polyester resin. Filling mouth and pendent tube.
3 solid wheels, with revolving front wheel.
1 proportioner mod. Z-2.
Flow rate: 200l/m.
Material: alluminium, including two BCN quick connections in printed aluminium (45mm UNE Standard).
1 ring pick-up tube and union connection Storz.
1 portable foam branchpipe, mod. SE-LBK-2, flow rate: 200l/m.
Material: Satainless steel.
Printed aluminium quick connection BCN (UNE Standard) included.
A 15m. long synthetic hose, 45mm. wide ARMTEX quality, including BCN quick connections in printed aluminium (UNE Standard).
Plate-hose box, made in reinforced glass fiber polyester resin.
Measures: 580mm width, 1000mm length and 1040mm height.
There is available a special version for 25mm hose and flow rate 100 l/min.
This group is particularly useful in fire-fighting, for storage products, flammable liquids or for any other risks in general. It has been built to operate quickly, since, to make it work, it just takes the time to connect it to any 45mm fire-fighting network (a BIE, a hydrant outlet, motor pump, etc.).
The hose coming from the BIE, hydrant, etc., is set to the incorporated proportioner inlet (Z-2 type), which has a 200 l.p.m. flow rate and dose varying from 1 to 6%. The 45mm hose part of the equipment has to be opened along in the proportioner outlet and the portable foam branchpipe (flow rate 200 l.p.m. and foam production 1200 l.p.m.) has to be set on its tip.
At the moment we open the BIE’s or hydrant’s valve, we’ll be automatically able to throw foam through the branchpipe.
The worker has a scope of 30m, plus the 10-12 the low expansion foam stream reaches, without any weight or obstacle, which makes it safe and gives it manoeuvrability.
The deposit, made reinforced glass fiber polyester resin, has a full capacity of 100 litres and can be loaded with the most suitable foam concentrate for the planned usage.
The operating range of this mobile equipment using a 3% foam concentrate dosage is of 16 minutes, but this can be longer, since it is not necessary to stop it working to add more foam concentrate to the deposit.
This set has been thought to allow the highest mobility, a quick operation, a very simple handling and safety, even for just one worker.
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