Portable Foam branchpipe mod. SE-LBK-A

Suitable for operations with low expansion foam concentrate.

Construction features
Pipe material: stainless steel AISI 316
External nozzle material: Light anodized alloy
Internal nozzle material: brass.
Handle material: Glass-fiber reinforced polyamide based – self-extinguish
Pick up tube in PVC material with internal spiral steel reinforcement
Foam suction valve in brass material with inox AISI 316 ball. (0% – 3% – 6% )
Perfomance data
Expansion ratio: 1: 10 at 5 bar Depending on foam concentrate type.
External nozzle material: brass
Connection types: BCN-45, BCN-70, DIN- 45, DIN-70, STORZ, BSS, NH
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