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An cookie is a small piece of code, which the websites you visit send to your browser. Its function is diverse.

  • There are cookies preferences, which serve, for example, to remember the language you have chosen to navigate.
  • Cookies help pages load faster. They allow you to navigate the web “more easily”.
  • También hay cookies There are also security cookies, which are used to prevent someone from fraudulently using your access credentials.

On this website we use Google Analytics, analysis cookies, these provide us with data about visits, always anonymously, with these we can improve the content we offer.

However, in order for website visitors to have the possibility of preventing Google Analytics from using their data, there is the possibility of installing the disabling plug-in for browsers developed by Google itself. You can download it at this link.

Cookies are a resource for us to make the website more effective, useful and practical for you. We always respect your privacy and that of all the people who visit us.

Cookies we use on this site.

Cookie Objective
pd_cc Contains the value of whether or not to accept the installation of cookies.
__utma / __utmb / __utmc / __utmz Used by Google Analytics to differentiate users. Collect data on interaction with the website.
_ga / _gat / _gid Used by Google Analytics, intended to analyze the web, for example how many pages a user has visited or the session time.
NID / DV / IP_JAR / ANID / CONSENT Associated with the Google Maps service and Google services. Google uses them to store user preferences and information when viewing pages with Google maps on them.
This list will be updated as quickly as possible as the website services offered there in change.

Information on how to manage Cookies from Google Analytics: and Google.

You can change the cookie settings whenever you want.

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