Medium expansion

Medium Expansion Foam System Description

Medium expansion foams are aggregations of bubbles that are mechanically generated by the passage of air or other gases through a net, screen, or other porous medium that is wetted by an aqueous solution of surface active foaming agents. Under proper conditions, fire-fighting foams of expansions from 20:1 to 200:1 can be generated.
These foams provide a unique agent for transporting water to inaccessible places; for total flooding of confined spaces; and for volumetric displacement of vapour, heat, and smoke. Optimum efficiency in any type of hazard depends to some extent on the rate of application and the foam expansion and stability.


Medium expansion foam nozzle mod. SE-UME
Used in stationary plants protecting various types of storage rooms, etc., where medium expansion foam is indicated.


Medium expansion foam branchpipe mod. SE-SME
Suitable as a portable nozzle or as a foam pourer nozzle for stationary plants having partial or total saturation.
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