FAQs – Proportioners


FAQs, Proportioners

A very different flow proportioning can give?

In principle proportioner specifically machined to flow Desire, if you want to vary the flow rate in the sense of wanting to spend more flow, simply change the cone input, other suitable to the flow we want also the calibrated diameter suction hole, it will reset it so that we continue to give the percentage of constant mixing.
This field in the maximum flow that allows us to model each proportioning, whether the desired rate can exceed that given a particular model of proportioning, then no choice but to switch to the appropriate flow model for the defendant.
The flow of a particular model of proportioning, you can also decrease, changing the input cone one suited to the needs requested, but then the suction hole must make it smaller, by a cap.

What is the loss of load proportioning these?

About 30% -35% (inlet pressure, outlet pressure regarding)

What are the holes in the end of the suction tube?

Proportioner serve for vacuuming can continue normally, even in case that the suction tube was deposited flat on the tank bottom.
It is also common, finish the end of the suction tube on a bias, ie on sloping for the same reason (with sprat) court.

Do these proportioning may work in a different position to the horizontal?

The proportioning venturimétricos have to work horizontally, which is its normal position, not vertical or inclined.
In the case of the proportioning mod. SE-Z-ES and SE, the suction will be at the top while in the case where the mod. SE-PRO, the vacuum remains at the bottom.

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