Test area

SABO Española has reached an agreement with the Fire Engineering and Emergency Fast Engineering – Fast Parcmotor in the town of Igualada (Barcelona). It is modern, functional and meets all environmental and safety conditions newest testing facility are incorporating.
Fully equipped for training in firefighting, both public and private companies, government institutions and individuals, which have to comply with various regulations existing fire risk issues, maritime safety or any type of emergency.

SABO Española has a test area that allows both water and foam tests, equipped with high flow pump, various elements of measurement, and other accessories that allow a wide variety of tests.
It is possible to reproduce those scenarios specified by the customer and be treated with appropriate equipment.
In cooperation with the test field management it will be possible to run tests and exercises with foam, completely biodegradable, low, medium and high expansion.
SABO Española will perform demonstrations, product certifications and equipment and prototypes verification, to continue having cutting-edge technology.