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The foam and its applications

Hydrocarbons such as gasoline or diesel, have a lower surface tension than water. In case of fire and applying water alone, this and the hydrocarbon are mixed and rapidly the two fluids are separated, the hydrocarbon remains in the top and water at the bottom, being still in contact with the hydrocarbon and oxygen nullifying any suppression action by the water. (more…)


Introduction and history

Water has been the primary means fire for many years. Water is effective, plentiful and relatively cheap to use. While water is certainly effective, the foam has added a new dimension to fighting fires. (more…)


Blog presentation

Wellcome to this blog dedicated to the fire protection foam Sabo Española develop our company.
This space aims to offer installers, engineers, end users and other professionals engaged in fire protection, all kinds of resources and generate a semi – advanced view of these particular systems. (more…)

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