Blog presentation

Wellcome to this blog dedicated to the fire protection foam Sabo Española develop our company.
This space aims to offer installers, engineers, end users and other professionals engaged in fire protection, all kinds of resources and generate a semi – advanced view of these particular systems.
From a theoretical and practical perspective. From the explanation of the types of foam, the explanation of the mixing devices and discharge, through the design of facilities as state regulation, standards and internationally recognized standards without forgetting the basic components of installation and maintenance.

It is not the purpose of this blog describe or deepen protection systems that are not based foam ( BIES , hydrants , extinguishers, etc.. ), As there is multiple literature covering this need.

We have tried to make the language used in the blog is as simple and easy as possible , provided to facilitate understanding of the concepts and calculations. Also added a variety of illustrations, sketches and pictures with the same purpose explained above.

As a recommendation to the reader, it would be advisable to have prior training in fire protection system, especially in water-based facilities, since immersion in the vocabulary and concepts used would be much more affordable.