Introduction and history

Water has been the primary means fire for many years. Water is effective, plentiful and relatively cheap to use. While water is certainly effective, the foam has added a new dimension to fighting fires.

The foam is divided into two types:

· Chemical foam:

Is produced through a reaction between two chemical compounds, typically sodium bicarbonate and aluminum sulfate originated CO2 bubbles as extinguishers used in the nineteenth century. Currently, this type of foam is rarely used, because requiring the combination of two different chemical compounds before the foam is produced, made ​​it difficult to carry out “in situ” in the fire. Large quantities product for training were needed.

· Mechanical Foam:

Occurs when water, foam and air are mixed in appropriate proportions. These three elements is added mechanical stirring for forming the same. In this blog we will focus primarily on this type of foam, and so we refer to it only as ” foam”, will no longer use the hue “mechanics.”


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